'Yarn bombing' adds touch of fun to post boxes in Blyth

A touch of colour is being brought to post boxes in Blyth thanks to a mysterious ‘yarn bomber’.

Friday, 23rd July 2021, 9:00 am
The topper in Ridley Avenue reminding people to look after and protect bees.

A number of crochet scenes have been seen on top of post boxes in the town over the last few weeks.

Each one has an environmental message, including urging residents to help look after bees or protect the local parks.

A message attached to each of the scenes says “We hope this post-box topper makes you smile and brighten your day. But please leave it for others to enjoy, why don’t you take a photo and share to tell people where”.

A topper in Wellington Street.

One resident who has spotted the toppers said: “They are great fun! They are making people smile, and we could all do with that.

"A lot of work must have gone into them, but people are stopping to enjoy them and take pictures.

"It would be nice to know who is doing them.”

A crochet Harry Kane which appeared in Wellington Street during Euro 2020.
The post-box topper in Beaconsfield Street, Blyth, encouraging people to respect their local parks.