Pet hurt after going missing

Stix and owner.
Stix and owner.

The owners of a dog who disappeared from outside a supermarket is appealing for information as to what happened to the labrador before he was returned suffering horrible injuries.

Nine-year-old Stix had been tied up outside Morrisons in Regent Street, Blyth, by her owner Tracey De Burgh and her ex-husband and carer Ivan Allan on Sunday afternoon, when she went missing.

The yellow lab was returned home the following day after Ivan, 43, phoned the dog warden, who had found the pet in the town’s Waterloo Road.

“After we got him home we released his teeth were completely broken on one side,” Ivan said.

On Tuesday, Stix was still being treated at the PDSA for a suspected broken jaw.

“I believe he was stolen and somebody has done this to him, or he has been set on by another dog,” Ivan said.

He said Tracey, 44, who is disabled, has been left badly affected by what happened.

“She doesn’t get many visitors,” Ivan said.

“The dog is her companion. She blames herself, she is really upset.”

A police spokesman said: “At 4.36pm on Sunday, police were contacted by a man who had lost a dog in Blyth.

“The man told police that he had visited Morrisons on Regent Street that afternoon around 3.15pm and had left the labrador tied to a bollard outside.

“Police were called at 3.36pm on Monday, May 20, to say the dog had been returned home.”