Peter draws a line under Alcan career

Peter Davidson working on his drawing of Lynemouth Smelter.
Peter Davidson working on his drawing of Lynemouth Smelter.

PETER Davidson is getting ready to draw a line under his time as a carbon plant rodder at Rio Tinto Alcan’s Lynemouth smelter.

The 43-year-old, of Ellington, is hoping to sketch out a new career path as a professional artist.

Peter, alias Deetz, has always had a passion for drawing pictures reflecting the mining heritage of south east Northumberland and has now decided to try to turn that pastime into a job after landing some commissions earlier this year.

“I’ve drawn all my life as a hobby, but over the last year or so, I’ve been displaying my work and getting some fantastic feedback,” he said.

“My last day on site at the Lynemouth Smelter is next Thursday. I’m excited about taking my career in a different direction, but it is nerve-racking too.

“Everyone on site has been incredibly supportive.

“I’ve been at Lynemouth for 12 years and, before that, worked as a car-sprayer, so it’s certainly a new career path for me.

“I’ve got some good links with local galleries, but I’m also hoping to take on new commissions from members of the public and to display some of my work at markets and exhibitions.”

Peter added: “My drawings illustrate the industrial area I grew up in around Ashington, Ellington, Pegswood and Lynemouth.

“Older generations worked in the mines and, to this day, it’s still a huge part of our heritage.

“I’m currently working on a picture of the smelter to commemorate its legacy for many in the area. I’m really interested in creating drawings in the future which show the personality of the people who work here and how we spent our days.”

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