Petition calls for recognition of former hospital

We are mental health nurses who trained and worked at St Mary’s Hospital, Stannington, Northumberland in the 1980s and 1990s.

The former St Mary’s site is now being developed into executive housing by Bellway Homes.

Along with other former colleagues we are concerned that there is to be no acknowledgement that the site was previously a hospital.

We know that many of your readers will have worked in the hospital and will have fond memories of the patients and staff who loved and worked there.

Perhaps because St Mary’s was geographically isolated, there was a real community in the hospital. Many staff lived in the grounds and brought up families there.

Many people lived their whole adult lives in the hospital as patients and we feel it is important that new developments do not erase the important social history attached to the site.

If your readers would support us by signing our petition, we would be very grateful –

Siobhan Armstrong RMN

Irene Rigg RMN