Petition puts toilet block plans on hold

An ongoing dispute about a public toilet block has been put on hold after an online protest group gained the support of more than 1,000 people.

Newbiggin Town Council had started preparatory work on a new three cubicle toilet block on land off Front Street next to Wayne Rigg’s Sea View Terrace home, despite resistance to the plans.

And now the project has been postponed, as more than 1,100 people have joined an online group in support of Mr Rigg, who owns property next to the site.

Northumberland County Council voted to refuse planning permission for the block in 2012, but last April it was allowed on appeal by a government planning inspector.

At time of publishing, 1,196 people had liked a Facebook page ‘Online Petition For Wayne Riggs Home’ opposing the project.

The petition calls on people to stop the development next to Mr Rigg’s home, who claims the toilets would lead to a loss of privacy and attract anti-social behaviour.

Josh Haram, who set up the Facebook page, said: “The general public have bound together, many not knowing Wayne, just to show the council the can’t do this to a hard working bloke who was never going to take this lying down.”

Work began on the foundations of the building recently but the town council has now confirmed that the scheme has been put on hold.