Pharmacy’s amnesty on old medicine

RESIDENTS are being urged to clear out their bathroom cabinets as part of a nationwide medicine hunt.

The initiative is part of a ‘medicines amnesty’ scheme to encourage customers to dispose of unused and old medicines safely in their local Lloydspharmacy.

Anyone who takes their expired and unused medications to Lloydspharmacy at 9 Brockwell Centre, Cramlington, by Tuesday, March 22, will receive a ten per cent off voucher to spend on healthcare essentials.

The owners of the oldest medicines will also receive a free healthcare hamper.

Many medicines become ineffective when they pass their expiry date which can be a risk to health.

They could also cause harm if they are taken by someone they were not intended for.

Judith Radcliffe, pharmacist at the Cramlington store, said: “Taking out of date medicines is not advisable.

“At the very least, they might not be as effective as usual.

“For example, you wouldn’t want to take an old cholesterol lowering medicine which may not be effective, and an old, less reliable insulin pen used to treat diabetes could be dangerous as it may not provide the dose that is intended.

“Next time you’re popping to the shops, bring your old and unused medicines to us so we can dispose of them safely and if you’ve got a particularly old pack or bottle of medication speak to a member of staff.

“Everyone who takes part in the medicines amnesty during March will receive a money-off voucher and, you never know, you could be in possession of the oldest medicine in the UK.”