Pictures of drift wanted

I am currently researching the history of Blakemoor Drift mine, sometimes referred to as Cresswell Drift.

It was situated on the Cresswell to Druridge road near Blakemoor farm, and gave access to the High Main seam of Ellington colliery.

It has now been replaced by the excellent Drift Cafe.

All traces of the old buildings have gone but I can remember wooden and brick structures with a metal cycle rack as part of the layout.

The drift was abandoned in the late 1950s but the buildings remained for some time after that and were even converted for use as a café prior to erection of the present building.

I have been unable to find any photographs or illustrations of the drift buildings and I’m hoping that readers will be able to help with this. If anyone can help, email so we can make contact.

Maurice Dawson