Pilot glass scheme is launched

A new drive has been launched to encourage more people to recycle their glass bottles and jars in areas of south east Northumberland.

Northumberland County Council is launching a pilot scheme in Pegswood, Morpeth and Ponteland, asking residents to ‘Give their glass anotther life’ by taking it to the nearest recycling point.

The initiative highlights to residents that local recycling points might well be closer than they think – with more than170 in convenient locations such as car parks and communal areas, across the whole county.

The waste management team is fixing a sticker to each general rubbish bin in the three areas, to remind people to recycle their glass, and provide them with addresses for all their local recycling points.

Paul Jones, head of waste management at the council, said: “It is great that so many of our residents take the time to collect together their glass bottles and jars and drop them off at their local recycling point or household waste recovery centre.

“We want to recycle more glass , and to make it as easy as possible for residents to help us with this.

“We want to highlight the benefits to residents of recycling their glass and making the best use of the existing facilities.”

Visit www.northumberland.gov.uk/waste for details.