Plan for future instead of looking backwards

The Politics Show on BBC One showed Ian Lavery, MP, demanding a Hillsborough style enquiry into the role of the police during the miners’ dispute of 30 years ago, alleging police brutality and much else.

Would Mr Lavery’s proposed investigation also look into the shocking levels of intimidation by the NUM leadership towards those miners who had voted against strike action and were not prepared to be bullied.

Would it also look into the hardship inflicted upon thousands of coal mining families who endured months of heartache at the behest of Arthur Scargill and his so-called disciples.

The ‘strike’ of 1984-85 divided and destroyed the NUM, which prior to Scargill was arguably the greatest trade union ever.

Instead of looking backwards surely we should be making plans for the former coal mining areas of Wansbeck and Blyth Valley that have, until recent years, been subjected to decades of institutionalised socialist neglect.

Alan Thompson