PLANS: Think of our heritage

Here is the existing view of Blyth’s iconic architectural masterpiece; the ‘High Light’ from Commissioners Quay.

All in our community, including the Northumberland county councillors who voted to eliminate both this view and the tremendous riverside green space our kids have enjoyed of late, should take a long last look at our 1788 ‘Shiny Row’ skyline.

Arch’s high density, (read high rise), private housing proposal on this site is a mistake.

Surely we all welcome economic development and a £5m-plus project with open arms, but why not build private housing on the many other brownfield sites the county owns here?

This unique area should belong to the community; an historic and recreational amenity for all and future generations.

‘We Grow By Industry’ is Blyth’s motto and Arch has a proven track record of achieving growth locally.

It’s not too late. Please reconsider Arch. “Take a step back young ‘un”, as Keith Blakey (RIP) would say. Plans can be improved.

Mrs Parnaby, councillors Dodd and Pidcock; well done for bringing this important issue to public notice.

Hopefully many others, including the thousands attending the firework display here on November 1 for maybe the last time, will add their voices to yours.

Martin Gregory