Plans to build 14 new homes are refused

Controversial plans to build more than a dozen new homes next to a housing estate have been thrown out by planners.

Residents of Netherton Lane in Bedlington have been battling since July against planning permission to build 14 houses on the green space next to their homes and near Nedderton village.

Now, after a five-month dispute, planning permission has been refused by members of Northumberland County Council’s south east area planning committee.

Planning officials had recommended approval be given to the application for the 0.5-hectare site west of North Ridge, Netherton Lane, but committee members voted nine to two against the proposal.

West Bedlington Town Council had also objected to the development, saying it did “not fit with the local plan”.

The committee received 68 complaints from local residents who said the plans would destroy the area.

Included in the letters of objection, David Robson said: “How much more green belt are we going to loose in order for some to make a profit?

“The space between Bedlington and Nedderton is being eaten up, there is very little in the way of countryside at the moment and we can’t afford to lose anymore.”

Objectors raised concerns about the land being green belt and the affects on the environment.

Claire Gray added: “This is a conservation area. What is the point of designating an area as a conservation area if you are going to ignore the fact whenever you choose?

“There are plenty of houses for sale in Bedlington.

“Within the last 20 years houses have been built on farm land east of Nedderton, towards Bedlington and the Meadowdale estates to the west of Bedlington.

“Further building work will have the effect of reducing the margin separating Bedlington from Nedderton, resulting in one urban development, instead of a town, countryside and village.”