Plaques put on planters in market

One of the new plaques.
One of the new plaques.

Special plaques have been added to planters in a market place to commemorate each of the town’s former pits.

Visitors to Blyth’s market place will notice the new plaques that have been attached to the flower planters thanks to town councillor Carol Bruce, who used the money allocated for her ward to have them installed.

Coun Carol Bruce said: “Blyth is changing so much as a town that we need to remember its past, and the places and people who made it the town that it is.

“It’s wonderful that we can change and restore the environment around us, but we need to keep alive the memory of the workplaces that shaped our town.

“That’s why I’m proud to support this project to commemorate the collieries of Blyth on the planters in the town centre, in order to make the link between the past, of which we are proud, and the greener, cleaner future which we are all working towards now.”