PLAY AREA: No one asked us our view

I felt I just had to write to say how I do not agree that the council had involved residents in the planning of the council play area in East Cramlington.

We live virtually on the site and have never heard anything about it, and neither has anyone else that we’ve spoken to.

This is a quiet part of the estate, mainly housing very elderly people, some in their eighties and nineties, who will have to put up with the inappropriate behaviour that these type of ‘play areas’ seem to attract.

There is no access road for traffic unless it comes through our streets, which is going to cause noise and all the other problems of parking in an area not suitable for traffic other than the residents’ own.

The rubbish left by the users of this play area will blow down our streets and we will be left to pick it up.

I think we should have been consulted and our minds put at rest before these plans were passed.

There is already a play area not 50 yards from this site. There is also Alexander Park which houses gym equipment, very rarely used.

What a waste of money this is. There is Ann Welfare too.

We are surrounded by play areas, why do we want any more?

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