Please clean up the animal mess

RECENTLY several residents have contacted me regarding the amount of dog dirt which has been left on the pavements and grassed areas in Seghill.

While I agree wholeheartedly with the comments made, I feel I must point out that this is an issue faced by every town or village within Northumberland, and in fact, much further afield.

I am a dog owner, as well as being a dog sitter to my son’s family dog, and, hand on heart, I simply do not understand why anyone walking around with a dog on the end of a lead (the lawful way of walking a dog) doesn’t realise when that dog stops to empty its bowels, as opposed to emptying its bladder it makes a mess.

At that point, it only needs a simple procedure so that another legal requirement is carried out, and for the product which is left on the ground to be picked up – after all, it’s only what you’ve fed it at the other end, its mouth.

Please may I beg everyone who owns a dog, or even just walks a dog for someone else, to kindly observe the rules of common courtesy and behave appropriately and with dignity, so that every person, young or old, can move around without having their shoes, baby or buggy covered in an unsightly and smelling mess.

In the case of Seghill, this plea goes out to horse owners, who also believe it is all right for those dear creatures to leave behind mess.

Yes, sir or madam, you do have an option – clean it up.


Seghill with Seaton Delaval