Please help keep this shop open

ONCE again our local town centre shops are hit with closure.

I was dismayed and saddened to see Bonmarché based in Blyth’s Keel Row is to close.

This is not just a shop – it’s part of our community and has been for years.

The employees go out to our local community venues , to carry out fashion shows for the elderly and disabled and offer discounts allowing people to shop at their pleasure.

Bonmarché caters for all ages and sizes, offering a wide variety of styles and items.

If this shop closes, there will be another nail in the coffin of the once- thriving town centre of Blyth.

It is one of the few shops left located in our town centre that can cater for disabled and elderly without the need for going out of the town, which some simply cannot do because of mobility problems.

As the manager of a community centre in Blyth, I understand many people do not particularly enjoy travelling outside the comfort of their own town to other centres, with the cost of travel an added difficulty.

I wholeheartedly hope that the community can get together and help sign the petition within the local Bonmarché, and write to the company to stop the closure of this long-running establishment.


Resident and community centre manager

Visit the shop here.