Please tidy up Cramlington cemetery

I was most interested in the article regarding the state of Mayfield cemetery in Cramlington (News Post Leader, July 11).

I myself lost a son aged nine-and-a-half in 1964.

He is interned in this cemetery, along with my husband, who died 18 years ago. I also visit my parents’ grave here.

I have complained in the past about the uncut grass and general neglect of this area.

When I visit my husband’s grave I also have to cut the hedge because his headstone is often hidden by the overgrown foliage, so I always take shears with me to trim both the hedge and the grass.

Considering the fact I am 84-years-old, I think something ought to be done to improve and at least keep the cemetery tidy.

As Mrs Davidson says, it is most distressing for relatives visiting their loved ones’ graves. Please do something to remedy this.

Ellen Joicey Derrick