Please use bell on path

My wife and myself take our dog out for regular walks along the Eve Black Coastal Walkway and are tired of the bad manners of some cyclists that do not know the Highway Code or have any respect others using the path.

It is a refreshing change when a cyclist, coming from behind, rings their bell to warn of their approach.

Most do not and can come hurtling past, frightening the dog and in danger of banging into us if we step to the side at the same instant.

Can whoever is in charge of the path (the county council?), who are I presume responsible for its upkeep and keeping it safe, erect a sign to warn cyclists that it is their duty to have a bell fitted and to use it.

This has been a problem since at least the Thursday, August 30, edition (News Post Leader) when a similar complaint was voiced.

Please use your bell, the path is not a velodrome.

John Raffell