POEM: Eloquence of ending day

Purple softly drifting faces edged in silver satin sighs

Friday, 13th January 2017, 6:00 am

Dying sunlight drooping low from weary summer skies,

Tired green whispers sing soft songs with just a sense of pain

As their melodies call out again upon the evening rain,

While streams of dreams go wandering intent upon their way

Their bubbling peaceful messages dance to another day,

And clouds are edged with grey and gold as they go drifting on

So many dreams are tied in gleams as yesterday is gone.

From good morning to good afternoon, or even just a see you soon

The tide of life still ebbs and flows, like constant moving picture shows,

With tears behind smiles and with sighs within songs,

Somewhere there’s a soft voice that rights all our wrongs,

Though to stand in the dawn as you watch the sun rise

Still brings those same moments of blessed surprise,

The day gently meanders with God given grace

Until sunshine and shadows weave heavenly lace.

Then the day tucks in children and kisses their heads

While they search for the dreams as they sleep in their beds,

Then it tip toes in silence across twilight skies

Though a day may grow dark, it still never dies,

It just hides in the shadows enveloped by night

Until the first sighting of dawn’s early light,

And it dreams of tomorrows soft burnished acclaim

As it sleeps in the glow of its own dimming flame.

Keith Robson