POEM: Life's Perfect Day

There is a place of crystal streams

Monday, 30th January 2017, 5:38 am

Where harp strings play your sweetest dreams

And where your eyes, though closed see skies

That calm your heart and hypnotise

The deepest reaches of your soul

With images that make you whole,

And moments that will draw near soon

To change your life then change your tune.

So many songs of whispering waves

Where evening sleeps, yet always saves

The ones that mean so much to you

The ones that help you travel through

Those hallways of unhappiness

We sometimes wander, more or less

Like nomads of a rhyme less verse

That search to find the poet’s curse.

There is a place where time grows frail

And where the sun is always pale

A joining of the sea and sky

Where only lonely sea birds fly,

A sutured insignificance,

Where some see gold and some romance

Yet still a place where dream filled sleep

Holds thoughts and dreams that dreamers keep.

There is a poem we all would write

Of beauty and of second sight

That carries heaven in its heart

And makes the fears of night depart,

So all of us walk hand in hand

And every one will understand

That love for all’s the only way

We can create life’s perfect day.

Keith Robson