POEM: Mock turtle soup...

Since 1970 58 per cent of species, are extinct!

Wednesday, 28th February 2018, 06:04 am

What will we do

When they’re finally gone?

Look at pictures, to remind us

Like some forgotten song?

The last elephant, poached

In a modern cave painting

Old man of the forest

Whose destiny is waiting?

Oceans not hearing

Our whales’ melody

Japan’s factory ships

Turned them into sushi

I think we arrogantly want

To be alone on this planet

By our thoughtless gestures

We subconsciously plan it

The lemurs, koalas, and bandicoots

No longer caper, or forage for shoots

The oceans are empty

The forests are bare

No life, except us

Can be seen anywhere

We reached for the stars

Without seeing home

We’re getting our wish

As we’re nearly alone...

Adrian McRobb