POEM: A Poet's Tale

Between the breathless breeze of day, I stood and wondered what to say,

Monday, 26th June 2017, 6:36 am

A sunlit sea, a cloud dressed night, a fawn dressed in the morning light,

So much to choose, so much to paint, before my days grow vague and faint,

Before my eyes droop tiredly, so much life treasure still to see,

For in my heart, the child remains, the one who wandered leafy lanes

When time comprised of memory days, of magic dreams and mystic ways,

And in my heart, another place, of songbird woven fluttering lace

That binds me to my poetry, both inside and outside of me.

Voices carried to my ears, from faces shimmering down the years

From smiles, from tears, from loving arms, from ocean storms to ocean calms

That sacred Prayer filled drifting peace that brought such wonderful release,

And faces special in the mist, with eyes of trust and lips I’ve kissed

Where trials and tribulations met, on bridges to a lost sunset,

The hands I held were mine alone, to guide me until I was grown

That bridge of souls still often gleams, particularly in my dreams

Each time I write my poetry, I think of what they gave to me.

So now I spend my golden years, immersed in dreams and precious cares

And writing means so very much, explaining with a poet’s touch

How life smiles when I need it to, and often smiles the whole day through

And even when I’m feeling low, love drift’s to me on heaven’s flow

To hold me close like days gone by, no need for all my dreams to die

Just some I keep for rainy days, when my imagination plays

With all those wondrous silver shades that bloom before my daylight fades

For every Prayer I ever said stays in my heart and in my head…

Keith Robson