It's easy to think about THEM in the way,

Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 6:22 am

That packs THEM all off, all the frail and the grey.

You can live all you want in your youth and your dreams,

But no one is spared, in the end life demeans.

Live for today and all luck to you too,

But tomorrow is looming and we have much to do.

Attitudes need to be fixed, not just bought.

It comes from inside and as people we ought

To treat others as we would wish them to treat us,

So stand up and count yourselves in, make a fuss.

It’s THEM as you read this and tomorrow’s new day

Means nothing is certain, but something I’ll say

Is that Fate strikes you sudden and time passes fast,

Don’t stand idly by and let it speed past.

You can change your own future, it’s simple but true

If it’s not fixed for THEM

Then it’s not fixed for YOU.

Susan Brownless

Cramlington Writers’ Group