Poets work with local community

Morpeth Library.
Morpeth Library.

Poets from across the North East are looking forward to a busy year ahead as they continue work with the community.

Jo Colley, a poet in residence at Morpeth Library, is working with older people including residents of the town’s Riverside House care home and members of the library’s Visually Impaired Book Group.

Jo is capturing “lost lines” from poems and sharing them with students from the King Edward VI School in Morpeth, who are using the lines to write works of their own.

It is part of efforts to introduce more people to poetry and draw attention to the extensive collection at the Northern Poetry Library.

Jo said: “This residency would allow me to work with groups of older people to identify lines of poetry that they may remember or have heard at some point, but are unable to identify the source.

“For older people, poetry as recitation was often part of the curriculum, and even in extreme old age, lines of poetry or song may still surface.” 

And in Blyth, poet John Challis is leading regular poetry reading and writing groups on Tuesday afternoons where attendees can delve into local history with help from Blyth Historical Society.

Anyone can tweet their terset to the Northern Poetry Library at their handle @nplpoetry