Police put the brakes on anti social drivers

Police in Blyth have been putting the brakes on anti-social drivers.

In response to complaints from residents, dog walkers and those visiting the area, officers set up Operation ‘Leah Hill 2’ to target those responsible for speeding and dangerous driving in the Blyth Quayside and beach car park areas, plus the Links Road from Blyth to Seaton Sluice.

The operation involves officers both on foot and in police cars, carrying out highly visible patrols in the areas where drivers are known to meet and using covert cameras and CCTV to gather evidence on dangerous drivers.

Four drivers have been issued with Section 59 warnings and if breeched will result in the cars being uplifted. One further car has been uplifted for having no insurance.

The operation, carried out by the Blyth Neighbourhood Policing Team has resulted in a reduction in offences, however, these drivers will continue to be targeted to ensure this continues.

Blyth Neighbourhood Sergeant, Garry Neill, said: “Those speeding and driving dangerously are putting lives at risk and we will not stand by and allow this to happen.”

Call 101 with concerns.