Police say initiative is a success

An operation giving residents the chance to raise concerns with police has been flying high.

Operation Eagle saw officers from Bedlington neighbourhood policing team and volunteers from the police cadets team up with tenancy enforcement officers from Bernicia Homes to visit more than 450 properties in Bedlington and Bedlington Station.

Residents were surveyed about crime and anti-social behaviour and allowed to raise any concerns and issues.

Local people were also encouraged to help clean up their area while Bernicia provided a number of skips for residents to get rid of rubbish from their gardens and communal areas.

Bedlington Neighbourhood Sergeant Mick Kelliher said: “This operation gave us a great chance to get out into the community, speak to people in their local environment and find out about the issues that matter to them the most.

“We got lots of really useful information and this will help us in how we police the area and what issues we will focus on in the coming months.

“The advantages of working with the staff at Bernicia Homes are that it allows us to offer residents advice on a number of issues and not just policing.

“It also means that those causing trouble or committing crimes could face eviction from their homes as well action taken by the police.”

Tenancy enforcement officer, Lindsey Lancaster, said: “It is Bernicia’s goal to empower tenants to help us to deliver and develop sustainable communities that encourage respect and responsibility in our areas.

“In this excellent example of partnership working we were able to meet with residents of the area and discuss many issues in an informal setting.

“We are pleased with the outcome of this operation and are encouraged by the positive response from the residents of Bedlington Station.”