Police use new powers to tackle yobs 180 times

POLICE in Ashington have issued more than 180 orders intended to reduce anti-social behaviour over the last year,

A designated public places order was issued for Ashington on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, to address alcohol-related anti-social behaviour problems faced by police.

The order makes it an offence for people to refuse to dispose of alcohol at the request of a police officer.

Since it was granted, police have used the powers more than 180 times to try to stop people making nuisances of themselves after drinking.

Sergeant Mick Kelliher, of Ashington’s neighbourhood policing team, said: “Since the launch of the order, we have seen anti-social behaviour drop in the area by more than 20 per cent.

“Residents have noticed a difference too and have spoken to officers about how there are fewer broken bottles on the streets and groups of youths gathering.

“Our partners at Northumberland County Council tell us they have had fewer complaints of street drinking since the order was launched and are extremely pleased with the results.

“The public in Ashington seem to have taken to the order, and there has been a resigned acceptance from those found in breach of the order to hand over the alcohol without any real fuss.

“Officers will continue to enforce the order and work to ensure Ashington remains a safe place to live.”