Political parties hijacked event

I DO not usually write letters to the press but I am so angry.

I am writing in reply to some letters in your publication recently.

I am the resident of Parkside Glade in Cramlington who instigated a community project to tidy up our estate.

This was done purely to involve the residents in something together which we would all benefit from.

However certain members of political parties have hijacked this event to score political points against the council and others.

I had purposefully avoided involvement with councillors and these people.

My actions were perfectly innocent, sincere and enjoyable, although hard work.

I received wonderful support from Anthony Bell and his team at the council throughout, and also from most residents.

However these political people have totally ‘rained on our parade’ by using us in this way.

As for being untrained and ill-equipped, after well over 40 years of gardening and doing voluntary work in Cramlington churchyard, I can assure them that I know how to use a spade to edge grass verges and a brush and shovel to sweep up.

I urge others if they wish to get involved with looking after their patch, the satisfaction is great and the outcome very obvious.

But at the end of the day it is all about choice.