Politicians need to start fighting our corner

Could I politely suggest to Northumberland County Council that cutting budgets year after year will only have one effect. Being negative.

As I do not wish to be negative, I have a few suggestions. Investment is important, as you may be aware, in the south east of England they are investing £2,700 per person per head on transport infrastructure projects, whilst in the north east the same figure is £5 (most going to Middlesbrough).

I would suggest that our politicians perhaps need to start fighting our corner a bit more. You can keep tabs on your MP by going to theyworkforyou.com

Anyway, Biomass heating is becoming more popular due to fuel costs and the government’s RHI scheme.

When the council chops trees down why can’t it be seasoned and sold. Can we not sell the wood chips to people with biomass boilers.

Every council property could be heated with biomass products and be paid by Ofgen for every kwh you produce for the next 20 years. And why every council property hasn’t got solar panels on top is a mystery.

The council has access to vast areas that people argue over cutting. Can we not plant areas of energy crops.

Lastly, give us all a bin to put out once a fortnight for metal, tin cans etc, and get companies to pay for the right to empty the bins.

I know what you are thinking, we have no money.

Well we managed to find over £370,000 to pay for cost of the Olympic Torch relay.

After all we are paying top wages to the man in charge so let us start seeing some results.

Nigel Bootle