POLITICS: Electorate is in charge

The letter from Ronnie Campbell highlights what the current Labour Party is (News Post Leader, July 28).

Saturday, 6th August 2016, 6:00 am

It is, I believe, a party of very poor opposition. It is so far split that I feel it cannot form a credible opposition under Jeremy Corbyn. The Parliamentary Labour Party is attempting to oust Mr Corbyn, however the Labour Party members, led by the unions, will vote to keep him as leader, providing a massive stalemate.

The trade unions appear to control the party. Take a look at the last General Election.

I believe it was an absolute disaster for Labour because of Ed Milliband, who was placed as leader by the unions as opposed to his brother David. David Milliband would, and should, now be Prime Minister. If Theresa May called a General Election today, I think the Labour Party would be obliterated.

The people who put crosses in boxes appear to have woken up to the fact that they can vote for change, the EU referendum proved that. So, hopefully, no more rock solid, guaranteed seats for any MP. It should take a bit more effort than telling stories of a former working life to win a vote.

Some people have the attitude that all MPs are the same.

They may tell you one thing, but live a completely different life. The expenses scandal springs to mind.

Ronnie Campbell’s favourite lines seem to be ‘same old Tories’ and the name ‘Margaret Thatcher’ to press home his point on any given matter. These lines are now running very thin.

Margaret Thatcher was voted Prime Minister in 1979, 37 years ago, almost a working lifetime has passed. Yes, she instigated the end of mining, which had a devastating effect on communities up and down our country, and she is despised by those directly affected.

However, she is not the most despised and vilified politician to hold office. I think that honour belongs to Tony Blair, the Labour Prime Minister who took the country into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ronnie Campbell made the point in his Window on Wesminster column a few weeks ago that he was opposed to the Iraq war and he voted against it. All well and good, but not opposed enough to resign as an MP. Had MPs walked from office then perhaps things would have been different.

We had a Labour Government from 1997-2010, 13 years. Things are pretty much the same now as then. Did any of the working classes have more money in their pocket at this time? I certainly did not.

The electorate will not accept complacency or to be patronised. We can, and should, vote a person out if they are not doing what we want them to do. Voting for the same old thing will achieve very little.

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