POLITICS: No other ISIS solution

Once again we have one of our MPs calling for a Government apology (News Post Leader, December 10).

Last time it was Mr Lavery in the Commons. This time it is Mr Campbell complaining because he can’t get an apology for a comment made by the Prime Minister.

It is OK for the far left members of the Labour Party to tell us we should not be attacking ISIS in Syria with the same force that it is attacking other people with. What they don’t come up with is a feasible, sensible alternative, and I don’t mean sitting around a table with ISIS and having meaningful discussions. Because that will never happen.

The only way we can end this is to annihilate it. ISIS cannot take on the whole world, and if all nations band together and take it on, wherever it is, we can eliminate this evil that is threatening our way of life.

Just on the matter of apologies that Corbyn’s ‘puppy dogs’ keep on about, isn’t it strange that not one member of the Labour Party has ever publicly apologised for misleading the people of this country and dragging us into the Iraq war that created this whole mess in the first place?

If it wasn’t for Tony Blair and his ‘puppy dogs’, we wouldn’t even be discussing this issue now, and the world would be a much safer place.

Bill Johnson