POLITICS: Tories get the job done

In answer to the letter by Jean Whisson, I have recently had a problem resolved by Pam and Barry Flux.

The fence adjacent to the back field, to the rear of my property, had rotten posts so I reported it to the council as being in a dangerous condition in November 2014.

Some workmen appeared, and to stop it waving around, fixed it to the lamppost with cable ties.

Shortly after, a council representative called to say it wasn’t its fence, it was mine, and I had to foot the repair bill.

I then reported it a further three times during 2015 to say it was getting worse, with no joy.

It finally fell down during storm Abigail, which is when, in desperation, I sought Pam and Barry’s help.

Soon after a council representative visited, and it has been fixed.

As to the Labour party being responsible for a lot of good works in the area, Jean is quite right. The Labour party is very good at starting jobs, but the Conservatives are the ones who have to badger it into completion.

Pam and Barry have been instrumental in completing a lot of tasks in my local area, all of which should have been seen through by the people who started them.

AG McRobb