POLITICS: Truth must come out

I write following a letter from Ian Ashbridge regarding Ian Lavery MP's ongoing campaign for justice, (News Post Leader, August 9).

Monday, 20th August 2018, 6:41 am

Naughty Mr Lavery, demanding an enquiry to seek justice for the miners and their families who suffered horrendously due to the policies of the Tory government and its use of our police and armed services as it destroyed livelihoods and communities.

How dare he seek the truth about what took place at that time.

It seems that Mr Lavery is using the same tactics of others who sought to clear individuals who were treated disgracefully by government and the media – Liverpool supporters who were accused of diabolical actions at Hillsborough, the persecution of the gay man who cracked the code that allowed our country to defeat the Nazis, and those poor soldiers who were shellshocked and accused of being traitors when they had been damaged in our defence.

There have been many injustices in our country’s history that demanded an enquiry to set these to rights and clear the names of individuals and families who had remained stigmatised through no fault of their own.

As one learned person said, if we do not correct our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them.

The hardship and the bitterness talked about by Mr Ashbridge was suffered by miners and their families.

Well done Ian Lavery MP for continuing the fight for justice for the miners and the mining communities of this country.

We need the truth and we need a clarified end to this bitter period of our history.

Rab Stewart