POTHOLES: Problems are evident

Do officials at County Hall really believe they are getting on top of the problem of our potholed roads? If so, they must be living in a fantasy world.

Sunday, 1st May 2016, 6:00 am

A recent trip along back roads to the north and west of the Morpeth area, up to Longframlington, revealed that these lanes are deteriorating at a catastrophic rate.

Ten years ago these were in a reasonable condition; ten years hence a Land Rover will be needed to traverse them.

Years of use by ever larger tractors and heavier goods vehicles eroding the verges has led to a once excellent infrastructure being reduced to rough tracks.

Nearer home potholes appear faster than they are seen to.

Repairs frequently consist of a black gravel substance being squirted into the hole, which does not seem to be properly levelled. I don’t think sealing with hot tar ever occurs, with the frequent result that the hardened blob becomes dislodged from the hole by rain, frost and passing traffic.

The roundabout at Southfield Green in Dudley Lane, Cramlington, has had a large pothole replaced by a mountain of black gravel that is as high as the former hole was deep. Traffic bounces over the lump, further damaging the adjacent road surface.

I do wonder if there is any effective quality control or inspection of these so-called repairs.

To add further confusion, a full road repair crew cold planed and properly installed high quality rolled asphalt to a previously perfectly good strip of Glenluce Drive in Southfield Green. Why? So that 20mph road markings could be painted on the road.

All this is less than 50 metres from the appalling ‘repair’ on the roundabout.

J Hill