Power share with Norway planned

Former Blyth Power Station site GV.'REF 2407140514
Former Blyth Power Station site GV.'REF 2407140514

Plans have been submitted which could see electricity shared between Norway and the UK from a base in Blyth.

A planning application for an electricity transmission cable between the UK and Norway is currently under consideration by both Northumberland County Council and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

The county council has to consider the land-based application, and the MMO will determine the subsea route.

A spokesman for the county council said: “With the potential development of significant offshore wind farms by the UK, there will be times when electricity generation from these exceeds the demand in Britain.

“Conversely, when it’s not very windy, the output from these farms will drop.

“Norway has a significant generating capacity from hydro-electric schemes which is very controllable.

“What is intended is that when there is excess UK generation, this will be exported to Norway via the interconnector cable and Norway can wind back generation from its hydro stations.

“When there is little UK generation, then the Norwegian generation can be increased and electricity will flow the other way.”

The cable will be underground but it is proposed to have a substantial building housing transformers near the old Blyth power station.