Praise for Port effort

I would like to pass on my thanks to the Port of Blyth management.

Earlier this week I was walking my dog along the stretch of beach between the pier and the harbour entrance and noticed that someone was picking up rubbish.

This is rubbish that is left behind mostly by those enjoying the fine spell of weather and is not tidal waste.

Another dog walker came along and also stopped to talk to the man, asking if he was from the council.

Like myself, this lady commented that this was the first time ever she had seen anyone cleaning that stretch of beach and said that the Port is responsible for the stretch of beach on the other side of the pier as far as the Bandstand entrance.

This is a beautiful stretch of beach, much enjoyed by all ages.

The majority of dog owners do pick up dog waste and I’d like to think the majority of humans pick up their rubbish and dispose of it sensibly.

Sadly, the few that don’t often leave it looking an eyesore.

We have an amazing coastline and should be proud of it.

The port has a vital role to play in the town.

It has this stretch of beach and the border fence along Wensleydale Terrace.

These are both strategic focal points for any residents and visitors to the town.

On the coastal front there are those who use the beach and marina, there are the fishermen, dog walkers, walkers, families picnicking, the surfers and sailors.

On the land, there are those who walk/travel between the beach and the town centre.

This route is an entry point to the town for businesses like Narec, without mentioning the buildings being built by Arch along the Quayside, hoping to attract new business to the town.

We have the beautiful and popular Ridley Park, which the council maintain to a high standard, Blyth is part of the coastal bike route and has the Great North Bike Run come along the above route as well as the runners.

All of these users have eyes that see the litter.

This is a note of thanks to the Port of Blyth. But it is only a start and more can be done to tidy up Blyth and make people want to come back.

Name and address supplied