Praise for school and its students

SELDOM do we find many good points of view in these excellent letter columns – not that there are none to write about.

Quite the contrary, as there is, and this one I submit relates to visits made to Cramlington Learning Village.

I trust that this will show that some of us old folk get with the young ones from the learning village, which is not so far away and near enough for the younger people of our society to find the time to take us seriously enough to occasionally call and see us and to issue their invitations for us to keep in touch.

It helps to blend the old views with the new over school tea-time, and those welcome cups of tea they hand around as we sit there making ourselves at home in the school’s large airy rooms.

Here youth mingles with age to learn a lot from each other and time has disappeared for our cheery hour’s chat and discussion to show that after all time has no place during that magical hour of remembering and moving forward, measuring past with future things, that gives a lift to the heart and a happy nudge to the mind.

This is surely a moment to consider about what is the true reality out of this delightful liaison twix age and youth – cancelling out the old world for the new – that somewhere here is an answer that is always eluding us until we find it – maybe at the back of our thoughts stirred and invigorated, afterwards on the way home again.

Thank you Cramlington Learning Village. Surely there is always something new to polish up and replace, something to cheer the morbid thoughts planted in our minds by the overriding worries that we are all getting to be an expensive item in the areas of Westminster – about what to do with the old folk – on the TV news.

It’s nice to feel welcome in our own country by a friendly, sympathetic section of society who seem to have a more understanding attitude we, as grandparents, wouldn’t expect until now.