PRESCRIPTIONS: Standardise packaging

We watched with interest Jeremy Hunt's talk on television, Making A Move In The Right Direction, over prescription NHS errors and the cost to patients' health.

Tuesday, 13th March 2018, 5:30 am

My take on this is why don’t the drugs firms have a ‘one size fits all’ for a 28-day repeat prescription tablet box?

It could be the same for a five to seven day antibiotic package?

Up to now all drugs firms have different size, different day tablets in them, with the usual aluminium-type protection safety covering too.

Please unify the size of the drug packaging box to simplify the amount of pills and oral drugs the doctor has prescribed to the patient.

By all means have the drug firm’s logo and explanation labelling, with details of the drug firm, what the oral drugs are, the side effects and who the patient is.

But unifying ‘one size, fits all’ drugs would clarify to the public what and how many daily tablets that person has to take or be given from an NHS person or family member.

After all, we reckon if all drug firms standardise their packaging drug boxes, it would be cost effective.

It would be cheaper all round and, most of all, healthier to the public when they take their medicine orally.

Unify, don’t cause more pharmaceutical mayhem.

Mrs CJ Hovsepian