Prince Charles’ opinion was spot on

Prince Charles gave an interesting lecture. It was about a strategic augmenting in British long term economic strategy.

Not short five-year directives by whoever is in government office/power on the day.

He was perfectly correct of course. He realises the public’s long suffering disinterest at the deal they have been handed by the politicians.

This five-year, penny-pinching, gaining brownie points against each other’s party ideology is really useless in today’s main issues with society.

The public can usually get to the truth with political blurbs about what the politicians promise in five-year office and don’t follow it through.

What the public want is all transparency in all issues. These politicians just don’t get it.

Especially in these last 30 years or more.

Privatising former public institutions has not paid off, hence the banking fiasco and tax avoidance by other businesses.

What Prince Charles and eminent think tank economists have voiced is that all profits by banks, business etc should be reinvested for infrastructure, IT technology, research into types of energy and health, NHS being independent of government cuts.

That will bring British businesses fresh input, give it a boost, allow more apprenticeships, technical schools and academies, to give the younger generation progress.

The braverman theory of 30 years ago deskilling the British workforce, is really like a dead duck now.

Why? Because the government’s crying out now for skilled workers in Britain in all fields. Now and for the future.

They all have to accept long-term economic recovery, it has to be cross-party acceptance otherwise they are not acceptable to public opinion.

And the man is talking common sense and logic. A wise ruler to be concerned about his flock, family and British foundation.

Talk to animal, vegetable and mineral he may, but this is a wise person with great insight.

Not afraid to express his viewpoint and way of thinking to less alert politicians.

After all, we all want to be loved, in all manner of public personal strata, and that is what Prince Charles was commenting on.

Good on you mate. Many a time you have universal appeal and this was one lecture where you shone to the uninitiated.

Mrs Connie Joan Hovsepian

Newbiggin by the Sea