Problem will get worse

We have been reading the article concerning the traffic problem in Cowpen Road (News Post Leader, May 29) and would like to express what we feel would be the best option to improve the traffic flow.

We are interested to know what the proposal for a traffic relief scheme off the A189 Spine Road would be.

Our thoughts would be that a slip road off the A189 north of the Kitty Brewster/Bebside roundabout for all industrial and emergency traffic and diverting it into Blyth via the industrial estate should be considered.

This would alleviate a considerable amount of the large vehicles and also be a route for emergency services into Blyth (as this is also a problem when the volume of traffic on this road is at its peak) and taking it down Crawford Road or laying a new road down behind the new Morpeth Road School so the traffic would then leave this road at the bottom of Hodgsons Road (also known as the ferry corner).

Would the council consider adding additional car parking off Tynedale Drive for Horton Grange School and The Blyth Academy for families transporting their children from the east side of Blyth?

This could possibly reduce the amount of traffic in Cowpen Road at peak times – the land to the north of the academy gym and behind Chasedale care home is not used by the schools, therefore could accommodate this additional parking

To add any further traffic to Chase Farm Drive would only cause additional problems as the amount of houses proposed to be built there, and therefore the amount of cars increasing, will have a huge impact going forward.

We would be interested to hear where the altering of an existing footpath to create a driveway behind Horton Grange Primary School would be – is there any plans in circulation yet that could be published?

Whilst we are sympathetic that there is not a huge amount of funding to tackle the Cowpen Road problem, we believe it is only going to get worse and the issue should be considered fully and there should be a full consultation with the residents before any decisions are made.

Name and address supplied