PROJECT: More urgent matters

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I think I’ve just had the equivalent moment of wanting to put my foot through the telly, but in this instance it was wanting to rip up the News Post Leader.

In an article relating to Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service we were told that the service is hosting a workshop for the EU Firefighters Plus project, (News Post Leader, May 3).

The article then rambles on about “social inclusion”, “social cohesion and engagement”, “multi-lingual online training” and “diverse community safety”. What?

May I respectfully suggest to Northumberland County Council that it gets stuck into repairing the roads, putting more coppers on the beat, or hiring more teachers, rather than hosting a ‘jolly’ for the fire service and all the ancillary people and services which will be needed to host this ‘get together’ of firefighters from five European countries.

And before anyone comes back with “it is funding from the EU”, or wherever it is that is paying for the event, I would say, in that case, try to get some funding from the same service to attend to the more urgent matters that I have stated above.

For heaven’s sake, we are paying higher council tax, yet seeing services reduced. Where the heck is our money going?

And do the people spending this money have any experience of handling cash and balancing the books?

Revell Cornell