Promises are long forgotten

The year began with the Tory-led government promising to tackle greedy bankers.

A year on the legislation has been watered down and banking bonuses are back to pre-slump levels.

The coalition promised a fairer society … while introducing the ‘bedroom tax’. Within months, arrears had soared and social housing is in near-collapse.

They pledged a better deal for all but instead welfare cuts began to bite and the end-of-year Rowntree Foundation figures show that homelessness has risen by six per cent.

They vowed to govern for the whole of the country, yet local authority funding is being squeezed across the north east while being boosted in the leafy suburbs of the south east.

A cash injection to tackle over-stretched hospitals will give 57 per cent million more to A&Es in the south, and nothing for those in the north east. That is right, zilch.

George Osborne, in his Budget, slashed the tax bills of millionaires by £2,000 a week whilst reducing those of the lowest paid by 32p a week. Not even the price of a cup of tea.

The Royal Mail was flogged off at bargain-basement rates to the rich and overseas investors. And the coalition is going ahead with its plan to re-privatise the East Coast main line, the ‘People’s Railway’, even though it re-invests every penny of profits into improving services.

And despite repeated promises to curb them, the ‘Big Six’ energy companies saw profits soar by £900m – an average of £53 for every household.

Notice a pattern here? Cameron and Co’s declaration that “we’re all in it together” has been exposed as a cynical lie.

There is hope on the horizon – the 2015 general election. In the meantime, to all my constituents, I wish you the very best for 2014.