Protect children, dogs and our wonderful beaches

Another year on and summer is here and it’s not the wonderful weather that tells me this, no it’s the sights that greet me every day as I walk my dog on my local beach and surrounding areas that tell me silly season is here again.

Once again, and I see this every year, some parents of small children sit on the beach for hours on end and never think to protect them from the sun.

I have watched youngsters turn lobster red, and no one seems in the least bit concerned.

What happened to sun hats, parasols and protective cream?

Then there are the poor dogs suffering the same fate, no shelter from the sun, no water nor protection from the searing heat, their tongues hanging out and panting in distress.

At least these poor creatures are a tad more fortunate than those dogs left in cars.

This happens more than you would believe, and these thoughtless irresponsible dog owners really think that if a window is left slightly open then that’s OK. It’s not.

It’s like putting the poor creatures in a red hot oven with the door open, it’s unbearable.

If I had my way, I would make the owners of dogs found left in cars sit in their car for an hour or two and maybe then they would get the message.

Next is the foolishness of people jumping into the sea from the harbour walls.

I know it’s irresistible for the youngsters and is exciting and fun for them, but it’s dangerous and has caused many an injury and even death.

But what I find most shocking of all and incomprehensible is the sight of parents encouraging their children to jump, despite a warning sign feet away clearly stating the dangers involved.

Have parents of young children today lost the plot completely?

What are they teaching their children?

Last but not least are the litter louts who enjoy being on a beautiful beach all day then blithely walk away leaving mountains of rubbish including portable barbecues (usually left smouldering) and dirty nappies.

That’s apart from the dog mess, which a lot of owners think is acceptable to kick sand over instead of picking it up, then along come others who find out about this disgusting practice the hard way by stepping or worse, sitting in it.

We all appreciate the lovely weather during the summer months, but please, let common sense prevail and protect children, dogs and our wonderful beaches from the minority who can ruin it for everyone else.


Seaton Sluice