Proud of pupils’ design success

WE should be very proud of Ashington High School pupils achieved with their vertical farming system design as a solution to water shortage problems in the Middle East (News Post Leader, March 22).

They won a trip to the British Council’s Big Science Challenge in London, and no matter where they finish in this, they proved their talent and come through.

When all the excitement is complete, we would, at some point, like them to give talks about their accomplishments, along with their teacher.

We are thinking of The Golden Age Forum at WCVS in Station Road, Ashington, and Newbiggin-by-the-Sea WI.

We would love to hear all about their exploits and what they would like to be in the future – hydrologists, environmentalists, micro-biologists?

They have produced sterling work and shown great promise. The public should be proud of you.

Also, why not take the lecture about the research to other schools in south east Northumberland? It might give other pupils a ‘gee-up’.