Public must give support

To the residents of New Hartley, please attend the public meeting in the Memorial Hall on Monday, September 8, at 6pm.

This is the last chance to do what we can to save our village from over-development.

The building of 286 houses on the edge of the village will destroy the heart of the community and seriously put the safely of residents at risk.

The increased traffic, noise, congestion and general upheaval will go on for at least six years.

There is nothing to suggest that the development will create jobs for the young people of New Hartley or have any significant impact on local businesses.

It will make a few people richer but the cost will be borne by the residents of New Hartley whose quality of life will be significantly poorer.

The peaceful and quiet lives they have known will be lost forever and the beautiful landscape that is enjoyed by all will be destroyed.

Please attend the meeting to support your neighbours and friends.

The final decision has not yet been taken and your attendance at the meeting will inform the council and the developers that the people of New Hartley care about the future of the village and people who live here.

Janet Bailey

New Hartley