Pupils build model of new hospital

Children at Cramlington Village Primary School with Julie Gillson.
Children at Cramlington Village Primary School with Julie Gillson.

Children at a school close to where the county’s new emergency care hospital is being built have made a model of the development.

Pupils at Cramlington Village Primary School have followed the progress of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s hospital in the town, and wanted to make a mini version of it to mark the important event.

Children from Year 2 showed off their model to Northumbria Healthcare chief matron Julie Gillson as part of community engagement work with the trust.

Julie, chief matron for surgery, said: “It was an absolute joy to see the excitement and enthusiasm from the children about our new hospital at Cramlington.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to have been able to see a hospital being built so close to their school and they told me how they have really enjoyed watching it ‘grow before their eyes’.

“I was really impressed with the model – their attention to detail was fantastic and it even included the helipad.”

Teacher Ashleigh Sprott added: “This community project has provided the children at Cramlingon Village Primary School with an opportunity to showcase their work and share their learning experience with their family, friends and the local community.

“Seeing the project evolve on our doorstep will be a lasting memory that has already provided much excitement for the children.”

The hospital is due to open in June.