Pupils cheer on the Olympic Flame – Video

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HUNDREDS of pupils lined the streets to cheer on the Olympic Flame for the ‘once of a lifetime’ opportunity to see it.

Members of the public and students, including those from Guide Post Middle School, braved the poor weather conditions to cheer as the torch passed by.

Torchbearer Jane Rodger carries the Olympic Flame on the Torch Relay leg in Guide Post.

Torchbearer Jane Rodger carries the Olympic Flame on the Torch Relay leg in Guide Post.

And waiting to take over as one of the torchbearers was Jane Roger, of charity Send a Cow, who took over the flame from Warneford Kilgour.

Jane said: “It’s absolutely fantastic. It’s so exciting.

“It’s a happy, family occasion, great fun for everyone despite the rain.

“I think it’s lovely that so many people turned out in this horrible rain to cheer us on.”

Thousands more lined Cowpen Road as the torch made its way through Blyth.

Pupils from Blyth Community College, Horton Grange Primary School and more were joined by local residents to give the torchbearers a warm welcome as it first entered Blyth.

There was also a festival atmosphere for the torchbearers and crowds, with a local steel band keeping everyone arrived as they waited for the torch to arrive.

Neil Hedley-George said: “It’s never going to happen again, even this weather hasn’t put me off.

“It’s great for Blyth, the turnout has been amazing.”

Fellow resident Sharon Common added: “We live nearby so we thought we’d come out and see it. It’s not going to happen again.

“People have to brave the elements to come out and see it. It would be awful if there was no one on the streets to cheer them along.”

The torch then headed all the way along Cowpen Road to Blyth Sports Centre, where it entered North Tyneside just after 2pm.

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