Pupils enjoy trip to help transition

Tanisha Leckie and Charlotte Kell.
Tanisha Leckie and Charlotte Kell.

Students and staff from a Cramlington school have taken part in a special activity weekend.

A total of 300 Cramlington Learning Village Year 7 students, supported by 40 teachers and support staff, visited Dukeshouse Wood in Northumberland, for the final stage of their transition from primary school to high school.

The weekend was the fifth year running new starters had been given the opportunity to get to better know their new classmates through working together to tackle challenges such as abseiling, archery and orienteering.

The students stayed together in their home or tutor groups they joined when they first went to the school seven weeks ago, where each group slept in the same dormitory, ate together, took part in activities together and also wore the same colour hoodie.

Julie Mosley, head teacher of Cramlington Junior Learning Village, said: “Their home group is like a family unit. They might be terrified of heights on the Zip Wire but the support from other members of their group keeps them going.

“Throughout their time at school we encourage them to be better than they ever thought possible.”

At the heart of school life the students are encouraged to develop behaviours which help them become successful learners.

Chief instructor Katie Moorhouse said: “Cramlington Learning Village brings one of the biggest groups to Dukeshouse Wood – I look forward to them coming every year.”