Pupils take a look at life in the Lords

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STUDENTS at a Bedlington school got the chance to learn about the work of the House of Lords when they received a visit from one of its Peers.

Baroness Diane Maddock visited Bedlingtonshire High School last week to talk to sixth form students about her role in the House of Lords, the various responsibilities she has held during her career and how the students can pursue a career in politics.

The Baroness, who worked as a teacher before taking up a career in politics, visited the school as part of the Peers in Schools programme, which aims to give young people a better understanding of how the UK’s Parliament operates.

Student Jonathon Rutherford, 17, of Guidepost, said: “I thought it was different to what I expected but it was really interesting.

“It was nice that somebody so experienced would take the time to talk to high school students.”

Fellow sixth former Erin Burton, also 17, of Bedlington, said: “It was very interesting to hear from a Baroness.

“It was interesting to find out what you need to do to be accepted into the House of Lords.”

As well as contributing to the debates on housing and climate change, Baroness Maddock has also served as the Liberal Democrat nominee on the Committee on Standards in Public Life since 2003.

Talking about the Peers in Schools scheme and her visit to Bedlingtonshire High School, the Baroness said: “I visit a lot of schools as part of the House of Lords’ outreach programme and, with my home in the north east, it was a pleasure to be able to visit.

“Visits like this are very valuable, not only for the classes to have a discussion with us, but for us peers to keep in touch with the younger generation. At 67, I’m still younger than the average age of members of the House of Lords and it’s vital that we are able to hear the views of young people.”