Put the barriers back in place

When the council decided to make Blyth market place a pedestrian area when developing the market at a fantastic cost, they removed the railings which had lovely flower boxes hanging on them, which stretched from the two pedestrian crossings from the public convenience to Boots the Chemist.

They messed up and the traffic continued to go up and down Waterloo Road.

As a local taxi driver I use this road six days a week and have on numerous occasions had to apply my brakes to avoid someone.

You now have women with children, the elderly, wheelchair users, disability scooters and such like all putting themselves at risk.

You also have cars, vans, taxis and delivery trucks actually parking on the path where the barrier used to be, making it difficult for pedestrians.

But then in December we had a fatality in the way of an elderly gentleman, God bless him, in collision with a motor vehicle.

Put the barriers back and reduce the chances of another fatality.

MG Skinner

Taxi driver