Race track right outside my house

I UNDERSTAND that some readers may not be able to access the current satellite coverage of Formula 1 racing, but there is an answer close to hand.

All they need do is turn up to Alnwick Drive on the Hazlemere Estate in Bedlington and they can watch all the thrills – fortunately not yet spills – of high speed cars in action. And for free.

The circuit is a continuous loop of approximately a mile and a half of twisting, turning bends that many negotiate at speeds well in excess of the speed limit, often on the wrong side of the road and quite often whilst texting or phoning at the same time.

This is the only circuit in Bedlington where this is now possible, due to the complete lack of interest shown by anyone in authority to put safety measures in place, despite the fact they have done everywhere else.

The area outside my own house is a perfect spot for would-be racegoers as it has a fabulous chicane and even a raised grass bank from which spectators will have an unimpaired view.

Best time to come is early morning or early evening on weekdays and most any time on weekends.

Oh, by the way, if you are coming, please bring a change of shoes as the council still haven’t done anything about Northumberland’s biggest dog-toilet, also opposite my house.